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Industry 4.0 and more

Industry 4.0 and more

The transition (or digital transformation) from M2M to Industry 4.0 and more is a result of a number of converging forces – among them, advances in big data analytics, communications networks, and sensor availability.

Traditionally, however, M2M solutions were created as point solutions limited by nature to specific high value requirements. The result is legacy proprietary infrastructure with limitations on the use cases to which they can be applied.

Extending M2M across market vertical uses requires the ability to leverage compute, storage, networking, virtualization resources, and applications across heterogeneous data formats and multiple data ingestion points.

About Wireless Glue

Turn analytics into action . . .

A bi-directional platform that joins big data analytics and deep learning with control across the entire network of devices, systems, and applications. Seamlessly manage terabytes of data on a single platform capable of securely storing and efficiently transferring data anywhere in the world from and to any application, in any data format, and in batch or stream.

Our live environments and professional services enable creation of layered applications to provide solutions for any use case across any vertical, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Smart Cities


Wireless Glue's patented Data Exchange Suite of software products are modular and provide data orchestration for the cloud, fog and edge enabling cloud and hybrid cloud converged solutions to be offered to enterprise customers for any vertical use case.

In coordinated fashion from each level in the stack, our software can ingest data from any device or application regardless of protocol and transform the data to the required format (e.g., Hadoop, Mongo, Kafka, etc.), apply its embedded complex processing capabilities, and push the data from one to many devices and/or systems for control. Our software:

    ✓   W i r e l e s s glue - DataXΔ CLOUD

    ✓   W i r e l e s s glue - DataXΔ FOG

    ✓   W i r e l e s s glue - DataXΔ EDGE

W i r e l e s s glue - DataXΔ SUITE

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Testing Lab

Wireless Glue moves beyond the hype by creating real-world environments to test the latest technologies and applications.

Wireless Glue's end-to-end testing facilities enable efficient deployment of any use-case for hyper-converged solutions pushing the boundaries of the "art of possible" in Industry 4.0 and beyond. With our testing labs, you can quickly and efficiently create end-to-end infrastructures to implement any use case and scenario, and layer and test different partner applications.

Professional Services

Wireless Glue's provides a full suite of services to help our partners design, test, deploy, and manage Digital Transformation solutions to their customers. We have a staff of thought leaders who are experienced in implementing innovative solutions quickly and efficiently across any vertical market.

Advisory Board


Matt Jacobsen is a Software Engineer at Google working on building internal systems to provide real time support. Matt has also held internship positions at Google X and Microsoft Research where he explored large-scale distributed systems and machine learning problems. Matt has worked as an enterprise software engineer, technical architect, and consultant at large corporations and startups. Matt received his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from UC San Diego, a MS from UC San Diego, and a BS degree from UC Berkeley.

  DAVID JACOBSON , Retired Sofware Executive

David Jacobson is a retired software industry executive. His career includes more than 30 years as a marketing and business development executive in the enterprise software and hardware industries. He has led teams in designing and launching more than 50 products and initiatives for Wyse Technology, Sybase and SAP. Prior to that, he was an investment banking and venture capital analyst for Hambrecht and Quist, focusing on the high technology industry. David is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration.

Executive Team

  PETER MCCABE , CEO & Founder

Prior to Wireless Glue, Peter served in a number of executive and legal roles, including outside corporate counsel for Redwood Trust, Inc. (NYSE: RWT), Vice President, general counsel and chief administrative officer for Tiburon, Inc., director of legal affairs for Engenio Information Technologies, Inc., and as a corporate securities lawyer with Latham & Watkins where he advised clients on mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, public offerings, and intellectual property matters. Peter received a JD from U.C. Berkeley, Boalt Hall, and a BS in Finance from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California.


Matt has held key leadership positions in sales, marketing, and business development for 30 years. He is the former chief technology officer of Pacific Bell Communications (now AT&T). He has also held senior technical roles at HP, Sybase, Informatica, Charles Schwab and Syncsort. Matt has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from California State University, Hayward.

  JOE HOPKINS , VP Engineering & Founder

Joe served as the Chief Software Architect and Vice President of Engineering at MediaTrust, Inc. — designed and developed real-time, high performance, scalable, cloud-based technology platforms. Joe served as Business Intelligence Architect and Senior Software Architect for several Software companies, including SupplyFrame, Paxonix, Cydcor, VMWare and Data Exchange Corporation. Joe holds a BS in Computer Information Technology, California State University, Northridge.

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