SmartEdge Platform™

Delivering Real-Time Energy Data & Control to Energy Management, Demand Response and other Cloud-Based Solutions.
SmartEdge Platform™ is a fully integrated multi-protocol software platform that delivers real-time energy data and control to Energy Management, Demand Response and other Cloud-Based solutions. The SmartEdge Platform™ enables demand-sidemanagement systems and renewable energy resources such as photovoltaics, batteries, inverters and power control systems, all to exist within one gateway solution. The SmartEdge Platform™ is a fully customizable embedded Java solution to meet all of your edge connectivity requirements for a truly Smart Grid.


Demand Response

Vertex is a flexible powerful cloud based demand response (DR) virtual end node (VEN) solution developed for energy aggregators to scale DR services to their customers and utilities. Vertex enables energy aggregators in real-time to monitor, analyze, manage and control utility DR events across their customer base in an economically efficient manner....

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On Premise Multi-Protocol Gateway

Fulcrum is a single on-premise software platform bridging the gap of various on-premise communication protocols...

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